Strange Murders in Aztlan, an article by Oni

So there’s some weird shit going on in Aztlan lately( surprise, surprise).
There seems to be a seriel killer in Tenochtitlán, or it might be two.

There are reports of some shall we say gruesome almost tablotian torture intensive murders( LOTS OF BLOOD! OH MY GOD GUYS I’M NOT GONNA POST PICTURES BUT DAAAAAAAMN THIS SHIT IS WACK!).

The current police reports state there have been 6 murders of blonde, white women, with blue eyes. They entire contents of the circumlocutory systems emptied on the back alleys of Tenochtitlán.

The current consensus is that there are two people involved in the killings. This has been corroborated by a single witness, a woman who walked onto a murder being finished up who called the police.

She claims she saw “a elvish looking motherfucker in a trench coat, brandishing some glowing red bayonet looking thing! He came at me with it, but got stopped by some monkey guy who whisked him away in!”

With that testimony in mind we can assume the main murderer is an elf, whose being aided by a Hanhuman( I’d say monkey people, but Hanhuman is the less racist term…oh shit I better edit this out or my publisher will kill me).

More on this case as it develops.

Strange Murders in Aztlan, an article by Oni

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