Ceaser's Palace

Ceaser’s Palace is one of the few “old” casinos left in Vegas. Ceaser’s is the cheapest of the casino’s with a rate of 1000 New Yenn a night, half paid at check in, half paid at check out.
It has 40 floors, ten of which are casino floors, thirty of which are residents. the penthouse is reserved for high rollers, or visiting dignitaries.

This is likely the Casino that will be chosen by players due to its low cost of residency.
One room at Ceaser’s can accommodate 2 people with comfort, 3 cramp, and 4 max.

Like the other casino’s Ceaser’s does maintain an in house defense force with two division called the Frumentarii, the plane clothes division, and legion, the uniform division.
Frumentarii are comparable to uncyber enhanced Lonestar Rangers.
Legion Guards are comparable to low tier street samurai.
The Players will have minimal problem fighting either of these defenses if needed.

Ceaser’s does not allow the exchange of other casino coins for money.

Ceaser's Palace

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