A Normal's Guide to Shadowrunning

The Profession of Shadowrunning, a blog by Oni

The Profession of being a Shadowrunner, or Shadowrunning, really is a modern equivalent to being a pirate in the old world. The idea of shadowrunning really only emerged when the idea of “The Shadows” emerged shortly after Corporations gained huge power in the geopolitical world.

Because of this influence the corporations developed a lot of new laws in such a way that A LOT of things went from being illegal to being “quasi legal” creating a dark grey area between legal and illegal, dubbed “The Shadows” and people that worked in the “The Shadows” soon became known as “Runners” since they usually ended up running away from authorities. Thus the term “Shadowrunners” was born.

A “Shadowrunner” can really be anyone who works outside of the general legal restrictions of the world, and does it for a living. For example a serial killer isnt a Shadowrunner, unless said serial killer does most of his killings because he’s being paid by someone, or something( a Corp) to kill people, like witnesses, or people who’ve been exposed to sensitive information.

It was estimated by the last Corporate Court global census that 5 in every 100 people are at least a low level “Shadowrunner” doing some extra work just to get by in the harshness of the 6th world. But roughly 1 in every 1000 of those people were the really high end people idolized by Shadowrun culture, people like the decker FastJack, “Shadowrunners” who don’t just run in the shadows, the ones who RUN the shadows.

But, like FastJack, that don’t tend to live long life. But, if a “Shadowrunner” lives long enough they always have some end game plan, what they’re doing the running for. It tends to be going legit as a business person, avenging someones death, or just living like a king till they die.

It’s a rough life, but it’s interesting, and that’s why we keep doing it

A Normal's Guide to Shadowrunning

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