A Bolt Hole Facility

A Bolt Hole Facility is a place you can hide out in when shit hits the fan. It can be anything from a motel room where you pay in cash and wait out some strife with your guns loaded and aimed at the door just waiting for someone to fuck with you all the way to a high end bunker to wait out a high end attack on your life.

The standard characteristics of a Bolt Hole are as follows:

1. High Security Entrance: only you, or you people you allow, should be able to get in, and stay alive Stuff like booby traps, retinal scanners, finger print scanners, password locked entrance terminals, etc, should be used to keep it locked up tight when not in use,

2. Secure non traceable Matrix access: this is for the decker or technomancer, or just about anyone who needs to the use Matrix, to stay plugged in even when on the run and not be traced. This can be achieved by having a personal home node built into the area that you can reset every time you use it so that your IP can’t be traced as easy, installing a proxy server will work best as well making your source code bounce across the globe.

3. Ample food supply for long term hiding: Depending on if your bolt hole is designed to be used for a week, or years, your’re gonna need food and water to survive there, otherwise whatever is trying to kill you might get beat to the punch by nature itself. The biggest mistake people can make with a bolt hole is not having enough food, and having to leave earlier, or you die of starvation.

4. Relative Isolation: you’re gonna probably want to build a bolt hole somewhere where not a lot of people are going to be, generally. Not to say you can’t just have a hidden safe room in you’re high end apartment in the middle of an urban sprawl. You just need to make sure it’s not in a highly trafficked area.

A Bolt Hole Facility

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