Wonel Say

A pretty cool, eh runs shadows and doesn't afraid of anything.


I’m a face

*Attributes (24)
*Resources ($275,000)
*Skills (28/2)
*Magic (0)



Big white nigga
megashit city lololol
both my parents are alive take that harry potter!
I take that back potter my parents are in bad shape!
My parents are fucking harlots. Take that mom!
Fucking slavery in america! This is why I identify as a white nigga. Living in a slave house and shit. Damn.

4 little fuckers call me family they’re all girls ew! cooties!
Serious and formal as shit nigga
This is some gay shit nigga! (lover and fuck)
I don’t wanna die like the Potters!
People are ok I guess.
Some dead niggas gun.
I’m 24. Lived longer than the Potters.
Shit’s bad man, cause of an accident invovling spiders! Fuck that shit nigga!

Wonel Say

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