Alias: Roughy
Place of Origin: Vegas
Player Type: Street Samurai
SIN type: Corporate born, Lonestar
Physical Assets: katanas, pistols
Cyberwere/Bioware: wired reflexes, synthacardium MkII, tailored pheramones, ares dermal plating


Public Details: I’M BUFF AS FUCK and also smart

Backstory: After Scruffy and Roughy’s mom and dad split, because dad hates the Tythe Corp. and mom works there, mom found a very nice ork working as head of security. After 10 years of dating and late night phone calls mom and the ork got married and had an ork child named Tim. This child was being trained all his childhood to be a security member at Trustus. After he was finally old enough, he worked there for 4 years. As part of being inducted as security young Tim was fitted with cyber and bioware to help his combat skills. After turning twenty Tim replaced his father as head of security who was hired for the Lone Star Rangers. Then the terrible happened Tim’s father was killed after being called in to an emergency, an incident people are now calling the Trouble in Vegas. Written in his father’s will was a note that said “Tim i know this a hard time for you but i thought you should you have a half-brother named Jared.” After finding out this information Tim researched his brother only to find out he was a recent shadowrunner that had also recently died in a prison explosion. So Tim ran off leaving his mother and home behind to become a shadowrunner and fulfill the dreams that Jared wasn’t able to.


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