Soveliss galanodel

6'5'' elf with olive skin and electric blue eyes.


Name: Soveliss galanodel
Alias: Bobbert Longwood
Place of Origin: London
Player Type: spell caster
SIN type: Corporate born
Physical Assets: streetline pistol, compound bow with optic assist, lined jacket, armored jacket, arrows: 40x normal, 18x injection, 4x grapnel; drugs: 30x bliss, 10x kamikaze, 10x deep weed;phone book, ¥2880
Cyberwere/Bioware: meta-link comms-link,


Public Details: I am an old as fuck elf that prefers the way things used to be. I use a bow and arrow, but can use a gun if need be. I do try and keep up with the time by upgrading myself and my bow. I learned the art of magic as a child and have practiced it into adulthood, and as such I have learned many uses of it.

Backstory: Soveliss was born some time in 3000 BCE though the date has since slipped from his mind. He was born an Atlantean prince and was to succeed the king. As such he was trained in the art of magic, and has magically preserved himself for over 5000 years. He has upgraded his skills as times progressed, and He can now use a large variety of weapons and instruments, but he prefers the bow and arrow. he decided to live in London from about 1800-2035, but now lives in America. he has, with time, faded into obscurity, but keeps his family’s royal crest as to preserve the memories.

Soveliss galanodel

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