Physical: White human male, aged 25 years, 6"2, 275 lb, cyberware arm fitted with deck and various guns, cyberware eye fitted with AR mods, control rig implanted in brain.
Mental: Intelligent, cunning, calculating, considered a flight risk.
SIN:Corporate born, Horizon


Born in 2053 at Horizon HQ, Dustin was raised in good conditions. When he turned 18, he began training as a Counter-Decker for the Cybersecurity Division. 3 years into his training, he showed great promise, but lacked discipline and didn’t follow orders well. When he discovered that his instructor had been tasked by the Yakuza with killing Dustin as a warning to Horizon that they were not to be taken lightly, Dustin offered his instructor a deal. He would disappear and never return, deleting any record of his existence. This would make his instructor’s job impossible, which would mean the Yakuza wouldn’t be able to take action against him. They agreed upon the plan and Dustin left home. Once he left, Dustin sent a recording of the deal to the Yakuza anonymously, edited so it would appear as though it was the instructor’s idea. The Yakuza wired a substantial amount of money to him as thanks and had the instructor killed. Having earned himself enough money to live off of for awhile, and having kept his deck and SIN, Dustin began his career as a Shadowrunner.


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