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Obsidian Portal Forums

We can use this

We are now able to use the forums.
They are going to be used by me for the following things mostly:

1. posting job bulletins that the characters will be aware of if they decide to log into obsidian portal to look for a side job, or a full job, in game.
2. posting messages from NPC’s.
3. General world building news, etc.
4. For players like Logan who are semi interested in playing stocks to try and itch out an extra profit margin I will occasionally post current stock stats available for character use.

Players should use forums as a message board between characters, and when specified to plan through out of character discussion.
And most importantly, asking me questions about wither or not a thing can be done, just so we don’t have to waste time during gameplay trying to debate wither or not something can be done.


falloutmind falloutmind

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